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Help one student to attend the school and receive decent education.
Become the godfather. Thank you!

When they finish primary school which is free for all kids here, children are naturally still at the beginning of their path and if they don't have money to pay scholar fees, they can't continue the education. They return to the poverty of their families with no chance for a better life.
And the truth is families live here with less than one euro per day, nobody can pay scholar fees and that means their lives are lost, nobody cares about these young people.
That's why Franciscans Missionaries founded secondary school for poverty children to give them hand and chance for a decent life. And the safest possible way to achieve that is to help them get educated.

St Francis Secondary School is attended by the best pupils from this huge area. It is a boarding school since this is the only way that children coming from distant villages can attend the school. There are no roads, no transportation. At the moment two hundred and fifty kids are attending this school and our attempt is to enroll up to 400 students. But it is a long way to succeed in that wish.
Our battle every month is to provide food for this big student community, to pay the teacher's wages, to equip the school with elementary school aids and to keep it functioning. 

Become The Godfather...

Survival of this school relies on donations of good people from all over the world. The cost of living for one child amounts 35 EUR a month, it's only 1,16 EUR a day for one kid to make a big step.

If you want to help this noble mission, you can become ”The Godfather” to one student for one month, few months or full school year. We'll send you photo and information about a child you helped to get education.
 At the end of a school year you will receive letter with his/her score in the school.
If you helped a child for a full year you will also receive a personal thank you letter from him/her.
Your donation will take off large burden we face each month.
If you want to contact me, pls use the contact form on the right hand side.

God bless you for visiting this page and giving us your time to read about St Francis School.

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