Friends with Small Home



Fashion for a smile 

These tribal friends bracelets are our gift for all of you who decide to help the Small Home with the friend donation of 4 EUR (4.5 USD).

For each friend donation of 4 EUR (4.5 USD) you'll get one friends bracelet.

Friends bracelets are leather knitted and decorated with beads in tribal colors.

They are handmade by local people in central Kenya, usually people from Samburu and Masai tribes who also wear them as traditional tribal fashion.

Bracelets look the best if worn together few of them in different colors.

If you want to become ”Friends with Small Home”...

Please state
in the message form:
- your name & e-mail

- number of bracelets you want

- leather colors you want

Don't state beads colors because they are different on every bracelet.

- lengths for each bracelet:
- S (children's size 14-15.5 cm)
- M (women 16.5-17.5 cm)
- L (man&women 18-19 cm) 
- XL (man 20-21 cm)

- your address

- please state if you would like to pay in a currency other than USD or EUR

E-mail *
Message *

We'll get back to you shortly to confirm bracelets you want. 
Following confirmation you'll get e-mail with an invoice to pay.
You can pay with your debit or credit card or PayPal.

* Shipping is 3 EUR (3.5 USD) worldwide
* And please note that we can't accept refund

Ako ste iz Hrvatske friend donaciju od 25 kn mo┼żete prijaviti i putem facebook poruke na MALI DOM >>


Thank you for being ”Friends with Small Home”!

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